By improving your soft skills in English you will become more proficient than most native speakers.

Our method guarantees you will easily expand your language knowledge and grow more persuasive and confident.

Save time and money – reach your target level of English via building generally valuable skills, especially the key soft skills.

Key Soft Skills

    • Communication
    • Convey a large amount of information clearly and concisely in a limited time.

    • Presentation
    • Appeal to all audiences with authentic style, exemplary time management, and easy-to-follow structure.

    • Argumentation
    • Prevail by providing impeccable reasoning, elaborated analysis, brisk reactions and strong refutation.

    • Negotiation
    • Express your opinions diplomatically, defend your stances aptly, and control the conversation.

    • Cooperation
    • Deliver and receive feedback effectively.

    • Critical Thinking
    • Point out your opponents‘ inconsistencies, contradictions, and other logical fallacies – correlation, slippery slope, straw man, red herring, etc.